Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Did It!

I am so proud of myself (and it is only 8:14 AM!)!  Mark is out of town for business, so I decided that TODAY would be the day I get out of bed early and start my day off right.  You know it is time for the alarm clock when the conviction of the Holy Spirit was heavier yesterday than my comforter at 8:45...

I went to bed earlier than I have been, set the alarm for 6:50, and almost beat Calvin to the day.  He came into my room at 6:20, and I had him crawl in bed with me so he wouldn't wake his brother up.  He fell back asleep until shortly before the alarm went off, and I didn't even hit the snooze.  (Holla!)  He and I got up and made muffins for everyone.  Jude rolled out of bed at 8:00 (which is an hour and a half later than usual), and my teen daughter is still snoozing.

I feel great already about my day, although I fear a crash mid afternoon.  

But I did it.  I got up early. 

And I'm going to try and do it again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Evalyn! I absolutely love getting up before everyone and reading my Bible without interuption. Seems like the only true quiet time I get! Now if I could get back into running in the morning too! :)

Renovation Girl said...

Well, good for you!!! It does make such a huge difference in the day, yet I struggle with it, too. You have inspired me though, so tomorrow I will get up early. (yeah, I'll let you know how that goes...)

Anonymous said...

Good job! I have had to adopt the get-up-before-the-kids-at-all-costs start to my day. (And you know this goes against every fiber of my being!!) It truly does work! A cup of coffee, the Mom's Devotional, my MacBook and the sunroom is better than any drug I know. :)