Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So Much Is Happening...

...and I have no words.

We have had a lot going on in our family's life over the last month, and although I have many, many thoughts and feelings about most all of these events, I need to keep them to myself for now.  I don't mean to be so quiet on here, it is just that the things occupying my mind and heart need to be private.  I'm not trying to build suspense, but eventually I will share what I can.  Now just isn't the right time.

Meanwhile life goes on as "normal" here.  The boys and I are thoroughly enjoying karate (as well as "Just Dance" on the Wii!), and Mark got in a fun paintball weekend recently.  The boys are on spring break for two weeks, but I think we are going to hang out here at home and do some fun things locally.  Having just traveled to PA, I am not quite ready to jump in the car again yet. 8 days I will be jumping in the car heading off to the 4th Annual Ann and Ang vacation!  We had originally planned to take Chicago by storm later this fall, but we decided to scale back this year and spend a nice weekend together in Lousville this month. She and I have both had lots going on in our lives, so we are looking forward to laying around, chatting, and perhaps a bit of shoe shopping!  The Ann and Ang trips are always super wonderful and renewing.  I can't wait!

While it is quiet here on the blog, life goes on in the home.  I'm sure I will come up with something exciting to say very soon - stay tuned!  (Both of you...)


Melody said...

staying tuned :)

Anonymous said...

Is it time to get in the car yet?!!!