Friday, February 11, 2011


I don't always get a ton of comments, but I am counting on some of you to do just that after this post!

This is my first "What Would You Do?" post.  (And, seriously...I am asking what you would do.  It only works if a few people answer...throw me a bone here, folks...)

What Would You Do...

1.  If you were out in public (say for instance a "baby and me" type class), and you smelled a poopy diaper and it wasn't your child?  Would you say something to the parent of the "offending" child?

2.  If someone else's dog pooped on your lawn while you were watching?

(I swear, they won't all be about poop...)

3.  If your husband wanted you to watch a movie with him that you have NO interest in seeing?

4.  A friend named their newborn a name that is a whuppin' on the playground waiting to happen?

5.  A friend asked you if she looks nice in her new dress...and she doesn't?

So...what would you do?  You can answer WWYD for all five, or pick your favorite.  I am just curious what people would do in these situations.

Thanks for playing!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ok. There is a guy in our neighborhood who takes his two little yappy dogs for walks without leashes. The dogs have pooped on our neighbor's porch before. Had I witnessed it, I would have let my border collie out (on leash) and proceeded to ask the gentleman to clean up after his dogs. I really don't like people who don't clean up after their dogs!

Kat said...

Mommy and Me Class- I'd just say, "Wow, someone's aromatic and then obviously check my child's diaper." I can't make them change it, but at least can make them contemplate it.

Dog in yard-I'd just clean it up later. Though it's kinda rude of the neighbor, in the big picture, it's no big deal to me though I TOTALLY get those that handle it differently.

Movie with husband-I'd probably ask if there's something else he might like to see, but if he really wants to see it (he's sat through enough chic I would totally go. I love exploding things and special effects though, so it'd be a safe bet I'd enjoy the

Kat said...

Oops, forgot one I meant to answer...

I know people that have not shared the names of their babies until after birth for fear of the backlash. Naming a baby is a very personal thing and may have a very special meaning. I would never say anything unless it's before birth and I was personally asked.

Anonymous said...

1. I'd keep quiet because I am fairly certain my kids' diapers have offended at one time or another.
2. I would grab some plastic bags and kindly/loudly offer it to the dog's owner. I'd be sickenly sweet, thanking them for cleaning it up.
3. Watch it with him and be grateful for the nap. :)
4. Keep my mouth shut. (Unless it was a situation like the kid named after Hitler.) Naming your child is entirely your business.
5. Gently suggest another dress or let it go if she is super-excited about the dress.

Not-So-Harsh. :)

Renovation Girl said...

I'd like to think I'd be brazen and honest for all of these, but I was raised to be far too "nice" and respectful. So, for the movie one, I would do what I tend to do with any movie now...fall asleep. I have become my mother...

Melody said...

1. I would mention to everyone that someone smelled poopy and check my child first...hoping everyone else would get a clue and check their kid too.

2. I would stare at them intently, but would say nothing.

3. I would watch it...or fall asleep watching it. :)

4. Depends on the friend.

5. Again...depends on the friend.