Sunday, February 13, 2011

So Here Are My Answers...

Thanks so much for answering my WWYD question...I think I'm going to make this a weekly event!

In case you were wondering here are my answers...

1.  Probably do the fake diaper check myself and hope the other moms (or dads) take the hint.  This is, however, much more difficult to pull off now that my children don't actually wear diapers themselves.  Whatever.  It may be awkward, but it gets the point across.

2.  I would let loose with a tirade a mile long with several naughty my head.  Then I would go out later, pick it up myself, and wonder how I became so oppressed.

3.  I would either fake fatigue and encourage him to watch it himself, sit with him and nod off during the movie, or comment on how bad the acting is until neither of us enjoyed ourselves.

4.  I have been THAT person.  We took some grief over the names of our boys (and length of names - each boy has two middle names), and I vowed that I would NEVER comment on someone else's baby name.  NEVER.  And I stick to that.  NEVER.  EVER.  Name your child "Butthead".  I will rave about it.

5.  I would point out the things I did like about the dress.  Seriously, there's always gotta be something nice to say...right?  (Right???)

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