Monday, February 7, 2011

I Can Take It...Really I Can

So last night was the Super Bowl.  And my Steelers were playing.  And it was Grandma Ruth's 95th birthday.  And she loves the Steelers.

And they lost.

Usually a Steelers loss gives me a stomachache.  I instantly get all those symptoms they have to list on a TV pharmaceutical ad.  A loss brings on PMS no matter what time of the month it is.

But last night was different.  The Steelers lost to a better team.  And I can respect that.

If anyone else had been playing Green Bay, I would have been rooting for the Packers.  Like the Steelers, they come from a rich-in-history franchise.  They are a tough team - you can't play in December in Wisconsin and be prima donnas.  Aaron Rodgers waited...and waited...for Brett Farve's career to end (as did we as fans for years after he left Green Bay) and when his time came, he was ready.  You gotta respect that.  Donald Driver - isn't he like 208 years old?  But still getting it done.

Even though my blood runs black and gold, I have to give it up to the Packers.  They are a great team who played a great game and earned a Super Bowl victory.

I can take it.

I'm just worried Grandma Ruth can't.

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Renovation Girl said... should be here in town. It is so quiet and everyone is so depressed. :( But, most fans are with you on this one-good team and a class act. Good job, Packers. Love ya Black and Gold!!