Saturday, January 29, 2011

What a Day to Be a Southerner!

We've had what I consider an unseasonably hard winter in TN this year.  As a hardily grown northwestern Pennsylvanian, I had certain expectations of all climates south of the Mason-Dixon line.  I want it warm.  And sunny.  A little snow on Christmas is OK as a rare treat, but I want to be able to walk the dog wearing just a sweatshirt (uh...the pants part should go without saying, but in this house, I'd better clarify - with pants) in January.  I am willing to exchange the heat an humidity of August for the thrill of leaving my parents a message on their machine that it is in the mid 60s out while they are outside shoveling snow all winter.  When it comes to climate, I am happy to be a southerner.

While New York and New England have had record breaking snowfall already this winter, Tennessee has been holding its own with weather record breaking.  We had snow for Christmas (I heard it was the first time in 17 years we had a white Christmas), and a snow/ice storm that shut down schools for a week.  At first I laughed at the folks who have lived here all their life - Come on!  There's only two inches of snow! Where I come, from we Trick or Treat in worse! - but after slipping down the deck steps and chiseling my way through layers of ice on a windshield I realize that it is, in fact, quality and not just quantity that makes for a hard winter.  I was beginning to lose faith in the weather folks and respect for Al Gore (giggle) this season.  It's been snow, snow, (ice), snow.

But!  Today is the day you move south for!  It is sunny, mid 60s, not a cloud to be seen in the bright blue sky!  I took the boys to the playground for over and hour and they ran around in their long sleeve T-shirts like the wild banshees they are.  Marshall just longs to sit outside on the deck and sunbathe.  And all I want to do is pick up the toys and trash strew about my back yard so it looks a little less Beverly Hillbillies for my neighbors who live behind me.

Sweet sunshine - we have missed you!  Thanks for reminding me why I am happy to be a southerner!  (mostly)


Renovation Girl said...

I have no comment because I am too busy shoveling again for the 12th day in a row...yes, twelve stinking days!!!!!

The Friend Family said...

Well, we had record highs in MO for the past 2 days 58/60! Awesome! BUT (there`s always a but) the "big" storm of the year is on its way 6-12 inches + 1 inch of ice all coming Mon - Wed! So, enjoy your toasty Southern weather & we`ll snuggle by the fire & think warm thoughts of you! hehe!