Thursday, December 2, 2010

Request for Privacy

During our adoption journey, we got to know several people in Latvia - most intimately, our lawyer (who has the most beautiful heart) and six women who served on the Orphan Court.  Through a very difficult time, God blessed us with these people who were wise, compassionate, fair, kind, and focused.  Mark and I still comment to each other how remarkable these people were, and how well they handled every aspect of our situation.  We are thankful for all they did throughout the process for everyone involved.  They have our utmost respect and gratitude.

There are also people who were loosely involved in our situation there who continue to visit this blog daily.  We assume this is with the best of intentions, but we believe it would be best for everyone if this stopped.  While this is a public blog, we would appreciate it if you would honor our privacy at this difficult time.


Janis B said...

First, I'm so very sorry for you loss. And for the pain you are in. Trust the Lord. Second, listen to your heart. Do what YOU need to do to heal. Lastly, God Bless!

Renovation Girl said...

A fair request, Ann, and one I hope certain people will honor.