Friday, December 10, 2010

Gift Giving Help Wanted!

OK, help!

Every year I try to really "wow" my husband with a great Christmas present.  He and I have totally different attitudes toward gift giving/receiving - I want to surprise him with something beyond his wildest expectations, and he..well, he wants what he tells me he wants.   While he usually gets what he wants for Christmas, I never quite feel like I have done my job well.

I think part of this gift giving/receiving rut we are in is a result of 12 years of total misses on my part.  The ultimate Christmas miss was our first year as an engaged couple.  Fortunately I had that "he's so in love" thing going for me...otherwise he might have really been mad about the patent leather women's mood watch I gave him.  (In my defense, it didn't look like patent leather in the case and it was sitting in the men's section...)  So admittedly, my history of gift giving leaves a bit to be desired.

Over the last few years Mark has given me a list off of which to work.  Yes, that gets him what he wants, but it leaves me feeling like a bad wife.  "Gifts" is my love language, so shopping from a list makes me feel like a total failure.  The bigger problem this year is that Mark has no list.  Nothing.  Nada.  He has all the paintball gear he could want or need (as well as all the paintball gear an entire football team could ever want or need), he works from home so work clothes are unnecessary, and he isn't into the traditional "man" gifts.  (Again, he isn't into women's gifts either as evidenced by the mood watch debacle of '98...)  I have NO ideas for him, and it is getting to be crunch time.

So, dear!  I really want to get something special for Mark for Christmas...and I got nuttin'!  What are some great "guy" gifts you have given?  I'm hoping something will kick start my mind into finding just the "right" thing!


Kat said...

2 Tickets to music group, sports, etc.? A night/weekend with just you (can be given in a romantic gift basket with a brocure from where you would stay). husband once rented my favorite car for my birthday and anniversary together. It was a blast for a day :). HTH!

The Friend Family said...

A coupon book:
back massages; foot rubs: quiet romantic dinners after kids in bed; on the spot "whoopie"; (sorry couldn't think of a better or more appropriate word); favorite meal with 24 hrs notice; no questions asked "man time". Whatever would work for him.

There can be 2 of each one and make sure there is at least 12.

My hubby loves them because there is a "no refusal" policy with the coupon!

That's a selfless & giving gift without expense and is from the heart!

Ann Kimmel said...


That is exactly why I DON'T do coupon books! ;) :)

Of course, this is what Mark always suggests...

Renovation Girl said...

I know you said you don't want typical man gift ideas, but I love the idea of an heirloom watch engraved. I also love Lisa Leonard's things and she does have a line of men's gift...they would be a nice, personal gesture of a tough year. YOU should check out the Brave Love necklace-I asked Santa for that for myself. Her stuff is awesome!!

Carrigan Family said...

I so stink at gifts for Rob .... so no help at all - but I would love to have your boys if you do a surprise w/end!!! Love you! Get ready for the scream heard round the world if schools are cancelled tomorrow ..........