Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The "After"

Finally (mostly) finished the boys' bedroom!  What a project!  We painted the whole room, added curtains and new bedding, removed the closet doors, added shelving and storage bins, and put a desk in there for studying.  Each of the boys also has their own reading lamp on their bunk - here's hoping they use it to do some extra reading!

We still have some wall decorating to do, but overall I am thrilled to have this project (mostly) finished!

Right before we started painting

The closet - where they only hid their dirty clothes...

After!  Enjoying some reading time.

Ready for studying

Finally organized and useful


Renovation Girl said...

Yay!!! Love getting projects like that done! (as I sit amidst a living room floor littered with legos and other assorted toys. calgon, take me Ann's house, please!! )

Anonymous said...

Ann, I love the boys' bunk bed. Where did you get that? I want to put the boys in bunks in a few years but I like that the staircase is so sturdy.

I did a mini-purge yesterday on baby clothes...wish i could get rid of baby bottles and sippy cups, unfortunately my kids are still using them though. I happen to hate both! -- Jessica