Tuesday, December 15, 2009

She's Here!

I would love to write a much longer, more detailed post about our first few days with Inessa, but I am too tired tonight to put together as good a post as I would like! So here is the brief version, and I will try to update the blog soon with more of my thoughts and observations about hosting.

We met Inessa around 1 AM Dec. 14. It took some time to wake the boys up to get to the airport on time, but as we waited for the children to come down the little hallway, they were both jumping and singing and so excited to meet their "Christmas sister". It was wonderful to see Inessa and get to hug her live and in person. She is absolutely....darling. That's the best word for her. She is darling.

She has adjusted well so far! The boys love her, and Marshall has given her several thorough kisses! She is pleasant and joyful and smart. She apparently has had a little English in school (my first hint was when she counted to ten in English.) , and she is doing a terrific job learning new words and speaking English with us.

I don't even really know how to explain how...amazing...the hosting experience has been so far. We have four weeks together, but I know from this past summer, the time flies by so fast. I hate that thought already!

I need to get some sleep (that being up half the night to get her really did me in!), but I will try and post some updates soon. Until then, enjoy these pictures of our darling Christmas daughter!

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