Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Ultimate Fantasy

With so many deep (deep for me) thoughts brewing lately, I decided to take a break from all that blah, blah, blah and talk about what is REALLY important in America right now.

And that would be football.

You know how I said that there are only a few really big things that matter in life? Although I know it isn't Scriptural, I confess here openly that football is, to me, one of those splendid big things. I adore it. I know I have posted about this before, so I won't go through all of the beautiful aspects of this, the greatest sport of sports, so just suffice it to say that I am borderline giddy. I'm sitting here tonight watching the Colts play the Eagles, and seeing that green turf, hearing the play ending whistles, and watching the teeth rattling hits just makes me...happy. I can't think of a better Sunday than a great morning at church followed by lunch with friends and then an afternoon and evening of football. Ahhhhh, I feel relaxation and contentment washing over me already!

In the last few years, the football season has taken on the added dimension know as fantasy football. Oh yes. I play. And I play well, if I do say so myself. Well, there was the whole T.O. debacle that one year, but we're not talking about that. (Not now. Not ever.) Fantasy football is what happens when the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat collide for the average American. It is a beautiful thing. Just beautiful.

Usually I play in my husband's office league (Best fantasy football story ever - Mark and I played each other and made a bet. Since I won, he had to wear a sign around the office that said "Ask me about my wife." and then I stuck 25 little pieces of paper in his pocket to pull out and read about me whenever anyone asked. He looked like a weenie all day and I got talked up at the office!), but last year a bunch of our church friends decided to start a league. If I'm honest I wasn't sure how fun that was going to be. I mean, no offense, but it's a bunch of southern Baptists who are culturally conditioned to always play nice. But it was a total BLAST. From the draft party to the championship game, we all had so much fun razzing each other.

This Sunday evening the gang is gathering for Fantasy Football Draft 2009, and I have got some serious work to do this weekend. I have LOTS of research to do. Not only do I have to review stats, trades, and injury reports, but I also have to cross reference all that with my personal list of "I simply wouldn't ever draft that kind of person". I try to avoid anyone with charges pending or a recent DUI, anyone who leaves a pregnant girlfriend for a supermodel, or anyone whose initials are T.O. If I can avoid drafting an Ohio State Buckeye and can add a Nittany Lion to my roster, all the better. I realize that for most, the fantasy football draft is about numbers. Mine isn't quite as scientific as that.

So the research will begin. I will scour the internet and check out my S.I. and see if I can get any last minute tips from my own personal guru, John Wieland. But come Sunday, that's it. My team will be formed.

To answer Hank Williams, Jr's burning question, Yes. I am ready for some football.

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