Sunday, February 1, 2009

Whew. That Was Close.

Just finished watching the Super Bowl. "Just" as in they haven't done the trophy presentation yet.

I am telling you - that was close.



I am so happy - for the Steelers, of course - but also for my Grandma Ruth. She is nearly 93, loves the Steelers, and got her first personalized jersey for this game. You gotta give the woman the win, you know?

Well done Kurt Warner and the Cardinal team. You scared the pants off me.

Off to receive the trophy!


Norwood Mama said...

Just watched Joe Nammath walk through the crowd with a fingerprint covered trophy. Poor guy! I thought they were going to knock it out of his hands! Congrats to the Steelers!

Norwood Mama said...

And, on behalf of most folks, Thank God you've still got your pants. Cardinals - next time take it easy! Ann can't take this kind of stress! She'll grow a grey hair!

Renovation Girl said...

Girl, you should be up here...fireworks, banging pots and pans, cars beeping, streets closed down, terrible towels waving and two hour delays for tomorrow. It's so exciting!!! What a game!!! GO STEELERS!!!