Friday, February 27, 2009

From Cal's Lips to God's Ears

(Now that's not a blog post title I ever thought I'd be writing...)

This morning as Jude was getting ready for school, Cal decided to hold a discussion on current events for us. Apparently he has caught snippets of the news, and knows that President Obama has a lot on his plate right now. So Cal decided to give me his lowdown on what is going on in politics.

First, Cal started out by informing me that Barack Obama is our president, but that tomorrow John McCain would have a turn. (Don't tease me...)

I corrected him that President Obama was elected for four years and then we all would get a chance to vote again for who we wanted to be president for the next four years. I told him we might pick Barack Obama again or someone else. He wasn't impressed with that plan. (The founding fathers obviously had more patience for turn taking than your typical 4 year old.)

Then Cal told me that President Obama was going to rename our state. I found this interesting as Cal isn't exactly positive about what town we live in all the time, let alone the state and country. I asked him what President Obama wanted to name our new state, and he informed me very matter-of-factly that the new state name the President chose was "Gallatin God Loves You." (That would look pretty cool on official letterhead...)

He ended his political diatribe with these words, "God is going to help President Obama make good choices."

From Cal's lips to God's ears I pray.

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