Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February Goals

Yes, I know it is the 10th already, but I felt like I needed some time to process where I am at and what I want to focus on this month.

In an effort to be accountable (hurl), here are my February goals.

1. Do not eat any unexpected breakfasts out this month. I got some great tips and recipes from friends for quick and easy breakfast ideas, and I want to stick to using the food I have at home. In the last few weeks I realized that I tend to drive thru for breakfasts more often than I do for lunches. I need to curb both of those, but for now I am concentrating on breakfasts. Tonight for dinner I am going to fix some egg, cheese, and bacon pitas for the gang and see what they think. I do love to meet friends for breakfast when we can plan it, but other than that I gotta stop hitting the Chick-fil-a in the morning. (Which is hard because I do love a three count chicken mini combo with a cherry coke to start my day.)

2. Meal planning, meal planning, meal planning. I have already done pretty well with this over the last few weeks, and I really want to stick with it. I can tell a difference both financially and in how I feel. Don't get me wrong - I love to eat out - but I can make a very satisfying homemade pizza and salad way cheaper than I can get Dominos to deliver.

3. Experiment with some different kinds of exercise. I walk the dear sweet Moo-Man most every day, but I think I need to push myself a bit more. It is hard to find a balance - I know I need to build up my stamina, but with a funky heart and fatigue that can make me too tired to cry about it, I am not sure whether to push or back off. I am going to try some light exercise and see how I do. I bought two exercise videos and I need to try them out this month and see if they are anything I can (and want to) do. Aly and LaDona also said they may get a Zoomba video and we can work out together. That you can bet I am going to do just for the sheer entertainment value.

4. Spend more time with my husband. With the holidays and company and Jude's birthday and a myriad of other things, Mark and I haven't had much time together lately. I am not sure I remember when our last date night was. That's never good. So I want to be more intentional about giving him some of my best time and energy instead of the scrappy (and often pathetic) seconds. This week he is taking a day off work and while the boys are in school we are going to have an all day date! I can hardly wait to hang out with him. My husband is cool. I like him. (Any good ideas for a fun date?)

5. Figure out a laundry system that doesn't make me want to claw my eyes out or make me passive aggressive towards my husband. Yes. I know. I just said how much I like my husband, and I do. A lot. But he has this...thing...about laundry. He loves to do laundry - which sounds like a great deal, doesn't it ladies? - but what happens is he goes around the house collecting anything that is made of fabric and could possibly fit in the washer and loads that bad boy up over and over and over again. The problem lies in the fact that he likes to wash, dry, and fold laundry but he has no compulsion to put it away. Whatsoever. So after one of his "laundryfests" I am stuck with a dining room table filled to overflowing with laundry. And while he means well, the boys clothes aren't always sorted right, he usually ends up washing clothes meant for Goodwill, and I end up clawing my eyes out every time I see the piles. We got a good laugh about it last night (mine was through clenched teeth, but maybe he didn't notice), and we both agreed it would be best for our marriage if we came up with a better system. Any ideas?

That feels like enough for me to focus on for now. I will keep you posted on this month's progress. In the meanwhile, what are your goals for the month?

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