Monday, January 5, 2009

Caroline Ingalls? Not So Much.

For those of you who read my blog (both of you), you probably know that I have been feeling awfully homemaker-ish lately.   Between God and these Amish books I have been reading I have been drawn to simplify and refocus, and for the most part it has been a blessing.

This morning I realized just how far I have to go.

I got out the blender last night so I would be ready to make a fruit smoothie this morning, because it is time I start eating more naturally, you know.  Granted, the Amish wouldn't necessarily use the Sunbeam blender I got for a wedding gift, but overall, I thought the idea of a fruit smoothie seemed Amish (well, perhaps Mennonite) enough.  

Now I don't know how I managed to screw up a fruit smoothie recipe, but I apparently did and the nastiest beverage ever known to man just got dumped down the garbage disposal.  I grabbed a sugary, processed breakfast instead.

And then I remembered that I had better log onto NetFlix real quick because Mark is sending back movies and he is the only one who has put movies on our list.  To rescue myself from having to watch another man flick (How many things can get shot or blown up before it gets old?  Obviously Mark hasn't hit the threshold yet but I am so far past mine...) I have to get online and pick some movies I won't want to claw my eyes out watching.

So far, I am not living off the fat of the land and I am online ordering movies.  Yeah.  I am so not Caroline Ingalls this morning.

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Renovation Girl said...

Heehee...I totally understand!!! It's hard to live "naturally" and "simply" when we've come so far with technology in an effort to make our lives easier. Blah! It's all so confusing!!