Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Last Day

Well, we just finished our final complimentary (and by "complimentary" I mean Ang took the manager to task about trying to screw us out of the free breakfast...) breakfast buffet, and we are headed upstairs to do the final packing. We are planning on checking out, but leaving our bags here while we take one last trip into the city. We want to hit Eastern Market and also the steps of the Supreme Court one more time to pray.

I have had the best time these last five days, but I am so ready to see the Kimmel men. I miss my beautiful husband and looking into his blue eyes, I miss hearing Jude's infectious laugh, and I miss seeing Cal Henry's eyes twinkle while he karate chops invisible bad guys. It seems weird to have spent the last five days without seeing even one person in a Power Ranger costume. I haven't had to say, "Someone better flush this toilet because I don't get paid enough to look at little boy pee" once. (Ang is a consistent flusher.) I haven't cooked a meal or set foot in a grocery store. Ahhhhh. It's been nice. But I sure do miss my reality. DC is great, but my life at home ROCKS.

So farewell DC! We will be praying for you and those who make big important decisions from offices here. But it is time to go back to the mission field I love best - home.

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Aly said...

I missed you so! But I am so happy that you had this time to pursue some passions. I can't wait to see your hair too!
As much as I know you missed your men beware there will be a strange transission period when you return. After I've been on a trip away I am exhausted when I return and very thoughful almost distant. It takes me about 24 hours to become "present". It's like part of your mind is still back "there".
I can't wait to see your pics!