Sunday, October 12, 2008


Underneath all those birds is my nephew!
Look how brave I am!!!!!!
The gang (minus EJ - she had school. Blech!)
"What are you looking at????"

Red elephants! And they got really, really close.
Monkeys watching monkeys!

Either he likes the fountain or is trying to steal him some change.

You know what the kids said about this!
There was glass separating these two. I promise.
The bear was bored with us!

Not sure whether we were observing the animals or whether the animals were observing us!

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capted3126 said...

monkeys wathing monkeys...reminds me of the story of a man in prison who had a bird visit his cage to look at him everyday....thogh the man was imprisoned, he thought of how the bird might be contemplating his own plight..being chained{imprisoned] to the air...