Sunday, October 26, 2008

You Knew They Would!

BIKER MICE FROM MARS (I just wanted you to read this post too, Mr Ungar!)

Yes, that's right. Joe Pa and the gang pulled it out in the end! Penn State 13, Ohio State 6.

Mom With Bleeding Ulcer - 1. (It's not always easy being a fan.)

About an hour before the big game, I called my sweet 92 year old Grandma Ruth who, while recovering from congestive heart issues, took a long afternoon nap so she would be able to stay up for the whole game. (See? I come by it naturally!) When I asked if she was feeling better, she told me that if Penn State won she would feel better today. If they lost, she figured she would be sick again.

And did you all see the little musical montage of Joe Pa in the beginning? I had tears in my eyes, and it wasn't even hormonal (this time). Where I come from, Joe Pa is a part of life. Most of the pick up trucks back home have a bumper sticker that reads, "If God isn't a Penn State fan, why did He make the sky blue and white?" I have grown up watching Joe Pa, I suffered through the seasons when "they" said he was washed up, and he is one of those famous people I feel like I know. (The others are Mandisa and Morgan Freeman...and now Rick Ungar...yea! We're all best friends!) I love that while the times have changed, Joe Pa's expectations and coaching philosophy haven't. Don't get me wrong, I have to give very begrudging props through gritted teeth to Jim Tressel. No, he isn't Satan incarnate. But there is only one Joe Pa.

And the fact that we won at the Horseshoe???? You can't beat that with a big stick! I confess here and now that every time we drove north through Columbus I would blow raspberries and mutter naughty things under my breath when we would drive by that venue. It's tough. But not as tough as Penn State!

Let's face it dear Ohio State fans - it is just our time. You had your fun, you had Eddie George, and now its our turn! I know you are as passionate about your team (misguided though it may be) as I am, but the victory was ours last night.

Ahhhh. Can you feel that? This is what it feels like when all is right with the universe...


5KeepsMeAlive said...

We are SO Penn State ! Is there anything better than JoePa ? (Okay, maybe JoePa with a contract extension...)

I had forgotten about the God/Penn State fan bumper stickers ! Wonder if they still sell those. The locals here would probably trash my car.

Ava's Mama said...


Aly said...

LOVE the blog-over. So pretty! Now what the heck is a horseshoe? After the whole Joe Pa montage last night I love him too, can he be my Daddy?
Now what's this about Morgan Freeman...I love him...Dish.