Saturday, October 25, 2008

Random Weekend Thoughts

So here are some things that have been running through my mind.

1. Thank goodness Grandma Dani is coming to visit next week. This week at Jude's school they had "Grandparents Day" at his book fair (in a brilliant attempt to bring in folks who can't say no to children) and when I went in to volunteer there were grandparents everywhere. Those are the days when the distance to PA feels not only long but painful. The boys love their grandparents, and time with them is a valuable commodity.

2. There is a cartoon on this morning called "Biker Mice From Mars". I had to ask twice to be sure I heard it right. And it really is about mice on bikes. I wonder if my parents' generation thought the Smurfs were weird.

3. Although picture day for Cal was nothing short of a spastic disaster for me, we got his proofs back, and the pictures are so amazing it blows me away. Shout out to Miss Sharyl for giving me some wipes for the hair and mushing it down right before he said, "Cheese!"

4. I heard on the news yesterday that Sarah Palin is now wearing different glasses. (The media covers every sentence coming from Obama, but can only tell us about Palin's accessories? Hmmmm....) The reporter speculated that the switch was made to help shape people's perceptions about her ability to lead. How bizarre a conversation would that be? "Sarah, people will think better of you if you wear these frames." If I didn't watch the West Wing, I wouldn't believe it could happen.

5. Interesting Cal conversation of the morning (so far): "Mama, you have a booger in your eye. I am good at getting boogers out of my eyes. I just use my fingers!"

6. The most exciting thing in first grade happened yesterday. Jude hopped in the Nav after school and announced that they had a bunch of chicks at school! (With his Rico Suave tendencies with the girls at school, I had to get some clarification...) Indeed, his class is raising chickens and will sell the eggs at school. His teacher this year is amazing. They have a huge garden, raised butterflies, and now chicks. I think Jude has inherited some of his grandpa's farming and gardening genes. He loves this!

7. I am wondering if one of the idolatrous things in a believer's life can be...themselves. Is it me, or are we in a society that talks a whole lot about Christians and not so much about Jesus? Think about it - so many of the Christian books on the shelves today are solely about our experience and not about our God. I know I have fallen into that trap myself - I will spend hours reading a "Christian" book promising me a better life based on my deeds but not pick up the Bible for weeks. I worry that we may forget Who it is all really about. Transformation is God's business, but we can settle for the results of following "7 Steps to a Better Life". Scary.

8. Tonight is the BIG night! Not that I have to tell anyone (because who doesn't know the most exciting college football team these days????), but as a gentle reminder tonight is the big Penn State vs. Ohio State game. Ohio State has been a thorn in the flesh for Penn Sate (and me) for far too long now, so I am hoping for a total stomping of the Buckeyes. (Sorry Laura and John.) I love Penn State football! This year they seem to have the total package - strong offense, tough defense, but playing at the Horseshoe has always been difficult. I am hoping this is the year Penn Sate rubs THE Ohio Sate Buckeyes' faces in their own turf! Know I will be painting up my kids and cheering on my team at 7 PM (central time)!

8. Have I mentioned that I am going on vacation?! My good friend Ang and I have always talked about taking a vacation together, but when Mark mentioned he had a free plane ticket that needed using, we jumped on the chance. So it is going to be the two of us for five days in Washington DC! Since this blog is for authenticity, I have to admit there is a part of me that feels guilty going on vacation without my peeps, and I know I will miss the Kimmel men too. But I am also really, really excited! We are going to see the sights - I am most excited about seeing the World War II Memorial for the first time - shop, relax, and pray with a group called Bound4Life on the steps of the Supreme Court. They are there 24/7 praying that Roe v. Wade will be overturned. It isn't a protest group, it is a prayer group and I feel like it is part of God's plan for our vacation that we go and pray with them. Ang is pregnant and I am still no where near 100% energy wise, so we will be vacationing at each others' speed. I can't wait! I will be sure to blog about it.

Well, that is about all I have and probably about all you can stand too! So I leave you with these parting words:



Rick Ungar said...

As the creator and producer of "Biker Mice From Mars", I get "alerts" from Google when something is written about the show. The service picked up your blog as you mentioned "The Mice." Every now and then, if it looks like it might be interesting, I'll go have a look. I did so in this instance and- as I was already there- I took a moment to read your blog which I very much enjoyed! That is I enjoyed it until the very end of the piece where I came across that whole "We are Penn State" thing.
You see, the Biker Mice, like their dad, are devoted Ohio State fans (I am an alumni.) Oh well, so long as your boys are watching my show, I suppose this Penn State thing is something I can forgive. Good luck in the game today -although I fear we may be the ones who are going to need the luck.
Rick Ungar

PS - Have a great time in Washington DC!

LA said...

My Little Ann- Picture this...Jonah Riley sporting his Beanie Wells jersey as the big game comes to a close...He says very bitterly with tears in his eyes, "Well, at least your friend is happy." We ask, "Who?" He replies,"You know, the one who paints her kids." Oh that one! Deep inside I am sure he was happy for you, yet very, very sad for the Wielands.