Monday, October 20, 2008

I Wanna Be a Camper!

Or maybe I should say, I wanna BUY a camper!

I have this wild idea that Mark and I should look into buying a camper. For those of you who know Mark, please take a minute and regroup. While he claims that "camping" for him is a hotel with bad cable, he has fallen in love with paintball, and there are tournaments most every weekend somewhere. So I have lured him in by pointing out that if we all went to the paintball tournaments, he just might get to go more often... Sounds sneaky, but it is a valid point!

While I was visiting my sister, we went and looked at campers. Her family of a bazillion loves to go camping - I would guess they go at least once a month. They don't necessarily take long trips - usually just a weekend here or there - but they love it. And I am intrigued by it. So we went "window shopping". By the time we left Camper World, I was hooked!

Now when I get these wild ideas, Mark tries to distract me for a week or two until I move on to my next fascination. I have to admit, it usually works. But this camping itch has stayed with me. I think the boys would love to spend weekends at a camp ground and play in dirt, find sticks, and discover bugs, while I look on and read a good book. I love the idea of us all hanging out together (granted, we would have to drug Marshall to get there since he is a car riding wuss but once the drugs wear off I bet he'd have fun). We have some dear friends (shout out to Aly!) who have a camper and they LOVE it. I can't even begin to imagine how fun it would be to head to Destin with Aly and crew in our campers. And doesn't eating a smore at a campground automatically remove any calories?

So if you have any thoughts on purchasing a camper (please don't suggest a tent - even I have my limits), I would love to hear from you! (Goozle...) We want to start with something small and easy that can sleep the four of us without having to rearrange the furniture. And a potty in case of emergency might not be a bad idea either.

You bring the info and I'll bring the smores!

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Aly said...

Rule No 1 of campers...
No pooping in the camper! Take it to the bathhouse.

I am so going to be all over Mark about this. Like a child having a tantrum I will whine everyday. Hey, it worked for the Nav! Eventually you'll wear him down.