Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Willing and Waiting

I had the weirdest thought tonight. I found myself thinking about how I have been spending my time recently. And I got to wondering what God thinks of how I have been spending my time recently.

Lately I have felt like God is stirring my heart about...something. Vague, huh? I am not one for surprises, so I have spent countless hours in the last weeks doing some spiritual speculation. Maybe God will call me to plan a family mission trip. Maybe God wants us to adopt a child. Maybe God wants me to get involved in a pregnancy care center or a homeless outreach. I have prayed and guessed and even gone as far as to research some of my ideas on the Internet. I want to be ready to go when God gives me the green light!

And then I remembered what it is like when I tell the boys we are going to bake. They are instantly excited and in a flurry of activity, they begin emptying the cupboard. Anything that might possibly go into or onto a cupcake comes flying at me. In an attempt to be prepared and helpful, they begin setting out my frying pans, pasta strainer, and a ridiculous number of kitchen utensils that, to my knowledge, couldn't possibly make cupcake baking any easier. We end up spending the first few minutes back tracking and putting away all the paraphernalia they think they'll need. While I love their enthusiasm, inevitably I sigh while we regroup.

What works best for us in our baking adventures is to give each of the boys one task at a time. Jude gets the mixing bowl. Cal gets the wooden spoons, etc. etc. (I get the eggs - I am getting smart at this!) We get cupcakes made (and consumed) much quicker and with far less stress when the boys are willing to help and waiting for their assignment.

I think I have spent time lately emptying the cupboards of heaven willing to use anything I find for my future spiritual adventures. In my search for God's next great plan for me, I think I may have made a mess in the proverbial kitchen. I really feel like God was encouraging me tonight to just be willing. Just be waiting. I have no idea for what. Not yet. Tonight I realized this may not come as one big "Ta-Da" revelation. I imagine He will give me one task at a time. And I imagine He will sigh less when we work together that way!

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