Friday, September 19, 2008

The Butterfly Launch!

This morning was the annual butterfly launch at Jude's school. His first grade class raises butterflies and then the whole school has a special program where the butterflies are released. It was a really neat experience! Jude knows more facts about butterflies in first grade than I know age. He can even spell metamorphosis! (I have spell check.)

Mr. Collins (Jude's teacher) partners with the University of Wisconsin's butterfly program to track the migration of the monarchs. Each butterfly released today has a small tag on their wing, and if it makes it to Mexico, the University will contact Union Elementary and let them know!

The program was wonderful, and it is amazing how much learning is going on in Mr. Collins' class. Jude has enjoyed every minute of raising butterflies!

Here are some pictures of the butterfly launch!

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Ava's Mama said...

Wow! We're transferring to HIS class!