Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It Is Finished.

The 2008 fantasy football draft that is. (No sacrilege intended.)

This was a tough year for me draft-wise. I usually surround myself with multiple fantasy football magazines and scour the internet for statistics and information prior to draft day, but somehow this year the time got away from me. As I headed to the draft party I was a nervous wreck realizing I would have to rely on the bits and pieces I had heard on Sportscenter and my football instincts.

Of course, I have a few hard and fast rules I draft by that don't change...ever. For instance, there is the "I never draft a quarterback who leaves his pregnant girlfriend to be with a swimsuit model" rule. Thus, no Tom Brady on my team. Ever. I try to enforce the "no punks allowed" rule, but sometimes it can be hard determining the punks. I try to avoid DUI offenders at all costs, but not having access to all arrest records handy, I always worry I might let one slip by. I do have the "If you look like you are having fun and you aren't an obvious punk I'll draft you" rule. Drafting Hines Ward is an annual event for me. (Except for last year when Mark drafted him. It was a long, cold football season for him. Lesson learned.) And after the year of the T.O. debacle, there is no T.O. Period. I would have won the title that year if he hadn't gotten suspended. It still hurts to look at him.

This year there was the minor "Derek Anderson" incident - right after I drafted him I was informed that he got a concussion in a pre-season game. Slightly panicked, I quickly scooped up Matt Schaub just in case. (Do NOT tell me he is out. I can't handle the stress of being quarterback-less.) It was a decent recovery. I also got some good tips from Rob C. which may be bad news as he is the first to admit that the alphabetical rankings during pre-season is as high as he ever gets in the standings. But a girl unprepared has to do what a girl unprepared has to do. We will see how it pans out.

So without further ado, here is my 2008 fantasy football team!

QB: Derek Anderson
Matt Schaub
RB: Joseph Addai
Maurice Jones-Drew
Ronnie Brown
WR: TJ Houshmon...well, I just call him "Houshi" :)
Hines Ward
Nate Burleson
TE: Vernon Davis
DST: Bears
K: Can't remember, and like it matters...

I feel pretty good about it. I would feel better if John Wieland (fantasy football guru) said it was a good team.

Here's to 2008!

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Ava's Mama said...

You've got my two favorites! Hines Ward and Sheherezade!