Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Five Signs Your Family Is TOO Into the Olympics

5. Dinner is made, consumed, cleaned up, and digested by 7 central time so as not to miss a moment of NBC coverage.

4. You find yourself googling "German weightlifting gold medalist video" to help get the monthly PMS cry unstuck.

3. The four-year-old throws himself on the floor and cries, "I want my team to win!" when he realizes Brazil is beating the US men's indoor volleyball team. (OK, that may partly be due to lack of sleep, but still...)

2. The six-and-a-half-year-old explains the scrape on his knee by saying, "I didn't stick the landing in gym class."

1. Instead of playing Superman or Spiderman, the newest superhero the kids argue over being is Michael Phelps. (Anyone know where I can get a superhero costume that isn't a Speedo?)


Ava's Mama said...

The image of Cal Henry in a speedo is a bit too much! Oh, nevermind! A swimsuit is actually considered clothing. Underwear is just considered....underwear!!!

Danielle said...

Ann you are too funny. Your kids make me laugh too.