Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Things That Make Me Smile

1. The tiny streak of gold in my husband's beautiful blue eyes.

2. Strawberry eclairs from Publix. (Downed one tonight while swatting the children away.)

3. Dixie Chicks song, "Goodbye Earl". (But I am still mad at them about the whole France incident...)

4. Having my van cleaned out, vacuumed, Armor-All'ed, and smelling like Febreeze.

5. The little spray of freckles down Cal Henry's nose. He only has freckles on his sweet nose, and sometimes I find myself looking at those darling dots instead of looking in his eyes when he talks to me.

6. Reading a good book.

7. A decaf, tall mocha from Starbucks. If I am really feeling wild, it will be a decaf, tall mocha with peppermint flavor.

8. My nose piercing.

9. My rose bush blooming with dozens of heavenly scented white roses.

10. Jude's laugh. It's contagious. It melts my heart.

What makes you smile?


Ava's Mama said...

1. Ava's wild hair...and the way she likes to put a cloth hairband in it - pulling it further into her face.

2. When I pick Charlotte up, she immediately puts her mouth on my chin. I don't know if she is tasting me or marking me, but it is sweet...only to me.

3. Mark's arms. He's got big muscles.

4. The breeze in my back yard. Ava, however, doesn't like to have the wind blow her hair. She says, "Does it blow yours hairs, mama?"

Aly said...

My hilarious boosom(sp?) friend Ann Kimmel.