Monday, May 26, 2008

Pa Ken Vs. the Gauntlet (Con't)

(Continued from previous post...)


Aly said...

Poor sweet Pa.
Y'all should know that Miss Ann got in a good smack on "Big Daddy" Mark with a noodle yesterday at Mark and LaDona's.
I was so proud!

Carrigan Family said...

Hey Aly - I can't find your e-mail so here I am on your blog :) - How is Maria this morning? I know lots of the nurses in the NICU at Baptist - that is where I used to work before Addie came along and I still work in the normal nursery - let me know if I can do anything for them. I am praying that all goes well - many 34 weekers do just fine and come to the normal nursery. Happy Anniversary!!! Excellent advice - we here it over and over, but it is always so good to be reminded. Who is speaking on the prosperity video - that is very good! Call me if you think of something I can do - I'm not working this week, but I'd be glad to call up there and make sure she has the "right" nurses :). 452-1574.