Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crisis Averted!

No, it isn't that I haven't had lots and lots to blog about lately - it is just that my charming laptop totally pooped out on me for a few days!

OK. OK. I will tell you the "whole" story.

So we couldn't get my laptop to work. Couldn't even get the thing to TURN ON. Oh my gosh! Whatever will I do?!?!? My pictures, my outlines, my email - oh, horrors! MY BLOG! This is a catastrophe of catastrophic proportions!!! (As logic would have it...)

So I called Mark in what could accurately be described as a "tizzy". I told him flat out that we were going out THAT night and buy me a new computer. (He was really receptive to that...uh huh...) To appease me (aka "get me off the phone so he could conduct some actual business for Uncle Proctor") he called a computer repair store and made arrangements for them to take a look at it.

So I take the boys and we walk into the computer store clinging to my lifeline know as "Dell". The young, way-smarter-than-me clerk (no, that's not false modesty as you will see in a minute) asked me what the trouble was, and when I told him it wouldn't even turn on, he offered to take a look. He plugged it in, and lo and behold up comes my screen saver (the cutest picture of Jude and Cal by the way). I was shocked. I asked him what miracle he performed to get it working.

"Um, I pushed the power button."

OK smarty pants. Don't mock me. I went to three proms and none of my dates were inflatable...well, yes...one of them was my cousin, but that doesn't make me a geek or a loser...where I come from...

I smile.

"Well", I said with sweet, southern kindness, "I tried that too. Didn't work. For three days. Any idea why?"

He looked at me and said, "Did you try it in more than one outlet?"

Um. No.

Yep, outlet blew a fuse. Computer is fine.

The clerk handed me the computer and told me there was no charge. Little did he know it cost me a decent amount of pride.

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