Friday, March 28, 2008

So Far Out of My League

...with Calvin.

This morning Jude and Calvin got into a little spat. Jude wanted Cal to be quiet, and Cal wanted Jude to hush up and listen to him. To end the discussion, Calvin walked over to Jude and pinched him. Hard.

I took Calvin and put him on "the bench" (a pew from my Swedish Lutheran church where I grew up - how fitting a spot for correction!). When I came back to talk to him, things went like this.

Me: Calvin, what did you do wrong?

Cal: I pinched Jude. I pinched him hard.

Me: We don't pinch. The next time you are frustrated with Jude, you come get mommy and I will help you. No pinching!

Cal: But he was BOTHERING me! (Big sigh, like I just don't understand anything.)

Me: (taking Cal's hands in mine so we can look at them while I talk, and anticipating a teachable moment) God made our hands to help other people and to be gentle.

Cal: (exasperated, and pointing to his fingernails) But God gave me claws!

I am so far out of my league.

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Ava's Mama said...

I think that you forgot you are the mother of boys. You should think in terms of superheroes or animals...