Monday, January 7, 2008

If I Was Scrapbooking...

...I would need to do a page for "Baby's First Shiner". Of course, Cal Henry is 3 1/2, not a baby, and let's face it - we made it a lot longer without a black eye than I ever anticipated we would!

Jude and Cal were playing baseball in the back yard (yeah, you know where this is heading, but I was feeling optimistic at the time...) and they decided to set the baseball on the T-ball stand and then BOTH swing at it at the same time to see who would actually make contact. Oh, Jude's bat made contact alright. With Calvin's right eye! It swelled nearly shut, turned red, and one part immediately went black and blue. It was something to see.

By the way, no one actually hit the baseball.

Ah, life with boys...


Ava's Mama said...

Ouch! Can we have a picture?

sagreen125 said...

I hope you took pictures, cause someday they will want to show it off and brag.
boys will be boys

Mac and Te said...

Te got a black eye from walking head -on into the corner of our bed post. And we'll always have the memory...because it happened three days before his first-ever preschool photos.

His teacher said to me when she handed me the envelope with his school pictures in it " Love the shiner, that is SOO Te." She's SOOright :-)

Ditto --"Ah, life with boys" I hope we survive!!!