Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Theology - Kimmel Style

So we have been working through some of the names of Jesus this month to help the boys stay focused on the real reason for Christmas. You can imagine how that is going...

One of our new favorite names of Jesus is "Bread of Life". The boys especially like that particular name of Jesus because the day's activity involved making your own sandwiches to help us remember that Jesus is our Bread of Life.

Then one night my friends and I planned a Happy Birthday Jesus party for all our children. The kids are all about the same age and are great buddies, so we knew it would be a good time. (Especially when Tiff ordered a Baskins Robbins "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake...hmmm...maybe the kids aren't the only ones who have trouble focusing on the spiritual...)

As part of our party we had the kids dress up and become a living Nativity while we talked about the Christmas story. It is amazing what some Goodwill pillowcases and fabric paint can do! The kids had a wonderful time dressing up as the different people, and the mamas (and even some of the daddys) got a little weepy seeing our kids acting out the Christmas story. So sweet.

So here are some pictures of Christmas theology - Kimmel style.
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