Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve, excluding, of course, the boys' uber-enthusiasm that more closely resembled hooliganism. We had such a lovely day!

I spent the morning cooking and baking for our Christmas Eve dinner, and aside from the slight strawberry pretzel salad incident (which I made a fabulous recovery from if I do say so myself) I thoroughly enjoyed my morning in the kitchen. (Take a minute if you need it.)

We went to church at 3 PM and it was a great service. The music was wonderful, and the boys were thrilled to hear how many times different names of Jesus they had learned about are in Christmas carols. I am not sure if the service will be online, but usually they have a web cast link if you want to catch it at http://www.longhollow.com/ . We are so blessed by that place. (And the people around us in church yesterday were equally blessed by us as Calvin announced loudly that he had to go "poopy"...)

Then our dear friends Justin and Nikki came for dinner with their two boys. Now don't get me wrong - we love Justin and Nikki (Nikki is posse, after all) but we REALLY, REALLY love their boys! I call their oldest son Isaiah my second favorite Atticus, because he has Atticus for a middle name too. He is the cutest, happiest, sweetest, melt-you-heart boy I have ever known that didn't come from me. (There is always that mama clause.) And then along came sweet baby Eli! Eli was born earlier this month. He was 10 lbs 7 oz. (Yes, Nikki is the woman and she can finally breathe again too.) and that child's cheeks are magnetic. You can't help but smooch on him. Fortunately Nikki and Justin know my tendency to mush on their children, so they tolerate it with smiles. My boys adore the Reed boys, and it was sweet to see Calvin talking in his high pitched voice to baby Eli and kissing on him (I told you, you can't stay away from those cheeks!).
Before bed, the boys set out some cake for Santa with a note. Jude made "reindeer food" at his school party so we sprinkled some in the lawn for the reindeer. Santa was more than happy to polish off the cake...

So here are some pictures from Christmas Eve at the Kimmels.

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