Monday, January 7, 2013

My Latest Favorite Thing

Many moons ago, Mark and I decided to go to a "cash only" system for our weekly expenses.  This cash included money for groceries, eating out, entertainment, and gifts under $5.  To be honest, it worked wonderfully.  We were able to track our spending better, make wiser choices on the fly, and stay within our agreed upon budget most all of the time.  It was genius!

Until one week when I didn't get to the bank.  All week.  In a pinch, I went back to using the plastic and all the good habits I'd developed by using cash went out the window.  For months.  While there was no need for a total intervention, it sure wasn't our best case scenario.

After meaning well but still not consistently hitting an ATM to get back to "cash only", I finally committed to start back to it for the new year.  To motivate and inspire me, I went online and looked for a wallet that would be more friendly to the cash only system.  I hated digging through envelopes or recounting wads of bills or dumping change in the bottom of my purse.  And viola!  I found this fantastic wallet from SavvyCents!

I love pretty much everything about this wallet - from the spiffy patent leather look to the multiple pockets for cash categories to the outside zipper pocket for my change!  It has made using cash again easy and a little bit more fun.  I have a section for groceries, eating out, entertainment, martial arts snacks (Yes.  I am that chick who used my debit card for a $.75 water.  Often.  The girl at the counter is going to LOVE me now!), and miscellaneous, along with a bonus pocket just for my receipts.  This bonus pocket nearly guarantees my happy marriage as my husband will no longer find chewed gum in a crumpled up receipt in the great abyss that is my purse.  Last week I was able to come in UNDER budget - mainly because the novelty of my awesome new wallet made me want to keep a little cash in it just to admire.  :)

The only downside to this wallet is that it doesn't come in red (my favorite color) and it has a sort of funky, new wallet smell to it.  But the smell is nearly gone and black is so slimming, I hardly can complain!

So here's to the new year of cash!

Ain't it purdy?  If only it came in red...

Many slots for neglected plastic.

Dividers for my cash categories!  Genius!

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Renovation GIrl said...

Love it and love that you're back to using this system!! Good luck! I hope we'll get to that point some day. :)