Friday, April 6, 2012

Where've I Been?


With homeschooling, the annual Ann and Ang vacation, appointments, and Easter prep I have fallen back out of the blogosphere.  But by now I just assume you will have grace for me.  Or you stop checking back in.  Either way - I've let myself off the hook.

Right now I am nursing a little fever, ear infection, and sinus infection.  I am taking a Z-pack for five days, and on day TWO my stomach is making it abundantly clear that it does not like this antibiotic.  Here's hoping I can keep it down three more days and call this mess over.

Lots of thoughts, but not much time to share.  Really wish that would change.  (You both do too, I bet.)  It is 9:53 PM, so tonight I'm only going to post this short "hello", take the dogs out (yeah, we have another dog now!), and crawl in bed.

Maybe tomorrow will be a good post.  Maybe.

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Renovation Girl said...

Hope you feel better. Happy Easter!