Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To The Young Whippersnappers at Karate

Every time you encourage me to kick higher, I just want to turn to you and yell, "This IS higher!  I am  about a half inch away from a Depends endorsement!"

Makes me want to kick them right in the...knees.

Things are not what they once were.  Stuff doesn't bend or straighten as it once did.  Giving birth twice brings side effects to high impact sports you can't even begin to imagine.  I have always been fairly small (with the exception of the aforementioned pregnancies - I totally hit it out of the size park with those bad boys), so this just means that the daily pain you inflict has less space to disperse.  If you think I'm sweaty in class, you ought to see the hint of peri menopause I have started to deal with now and again.  And I do  realize I would get better if I practiced this particular move 20 times on each side, but dude!  I am trying to cook, teach three kids, grocery shop, manage appointments for five, tend the dogs, and wait for Miss Terri to come clean my house while not losing my car keys, my Advil, or my darn mind!


(Yes.  I'll be back tomorrow night, too.  Because if you think I can, I might as well try to believe you one more time.  Thanks.)

Humming Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'"

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