Monday, February 6, 2012

No "Oops"...He Did It Again

(God, I mean.  Not Brittany Spears.)

Most of you who visit the blog know our somewhat long and definitely difficult journey to Alina.  For those who haven't read back through the last year's entries, here are the Cliff Notes:  We traveled to internationally adopt a girl we had hosted twice.  At the second court, she decided against the adoption to the shock of everyone in the courtroom.  We returned home brokenhearted and unsure about our family's future.  Three months later, we received information about a 13 year old girl, and last April we traveled back to Latvia to meet Alina, our daughter.

The Twitter version?  God made beauty out of ashes.

Well, He has done it again.

Remember the family I blogged about a few weeks back (which would only be about two posts ago, but save your judgement - I'm really trying.)?  They traveled to Latvia to adopt a set of sisters at the end of January.  Due to circumstances and issues beyond their control, the Butlers adopt has fallen through.  When I first saw their email a few days ago, my heart shattered into a million pieces for them.  You can honestly not imagine the pain - the physical, emotional, and spiritual pain of this kind of loss unless you have experienced it.  It is a loss I still can't fully put into words.  Whether it makes sense or not, after hosting a child and hoping to adopt, you love that child like your own.  There is little peace, and often times no closure when an adoption falls through, but it is a part of the reality of adoption.  It can and does happen.  And, oh my.  It hurts.

I, and many other Latvian families, hit our knees immediately asking God to surround the Butler family and these two sisters as their collective lives took such a dramatic turn.  I prayed specifically that the Butlers would be able to eat - sounds crazy I know, but I didn't eat for four days after our court.  Couldn't.  And I prayed for God to reveal something...something beautiful from this place of pain and grief.

And He did it again.

After their planned adoption fell through, the Butler family was introduced (by their lawyer, who I am convinced is also at least part angel) to a beautiful 13 year old girl who needed a family.  After they met, do you know what this girl told them?  She told them that she had prayed in January that God would send her a mom and a dad of her very own.

And He did.

Although it hasn't been easy on either side of the pond for this family, they are extending their stay in Latvia for a little longer to complete the adoption of this precious girl who has prayed for a family.  This child who hugged them and cried with joy over an answered prayer.

Oh Lord!  You did it again!

Beauty from ashes.

Please join me in praying for this wonderful family, this precious girl, and all the lives God has touched through His work.


Jo said...

Prayers for this family. I know the pain of loving a child that can't be yours.....our God is so great-He can turn the most hopeless-seeming situation into a blessing for his kingdom-IF we are ready and open to his will. It's so beautiful that it is working out for this family!

Judy P said...

We also know the pain of an adoption not working out. We did not actually get into the process, but had hopes of adopting a hosted child. A couple of days after it was clear that the Lord was not going to give her to us, I was crying out to God and said "Jesus, you've got to give me something here. I just don't understand." And He immediately impressed on my heart, "I alone place children in families. Trust Me. I have a family for her and I have other plans for you". And that precious girl was adopted by none other than you and your family, Anne! Sweet Alina!! I praise God so much for knowing exactly where each of His children need to be :D I am praising God for placing this girl in this family at just the right time.