Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Biggest Loser...Canine Edition

Oh, my poor Moo Man.

Most everyone who knows me knows I have a complete and consuming devotion to my sweet dog, Marshall.  (aka Moo Man.)  We got Marshall through a wonderful rescue group who saved him from a kill shelter with an hour to spare before he was put down.  Marshall was what opened my eyes to the animal overpopulation.  Before I met this nearly perfect, sweet, well trained love of my life, I honestly thought the only animals that were euthanized were those that were too old, too sick, or too ferocious.  I had no idea that every day loving and gentle and fun animals were being put down.  I simply cannot imagine our family without Marshall.  He is a joy spreader.

Unfortunately (but apparently), my mantra of "food is love" has spilled over into Marshall's dog bowl.  Without whipping out embarrassing numbers, suffice it to say the Moo Man has grown exponentially since we first brought him home.  There is still a thin veil of confusion for me - we never feed him any people food, and he only eats twice a day.  But, alas, I cannot dispute the vet's scale, and the bottom line is...the Moo Man is on a diet...I mean "lifestyle change".

I know, I know.  This is our second intervention at the vet's office about his weight issues.  But cut me some slack - most people have to go to rehab more than once to change addictive behaviors.  Denial ain't just a river in Egypt, friends.  So with renewed conviction Marshall and I are on a new path forward for his behind.  This morning we had our first official weigh in, and at least now we know the mountain we must climb.  Our goal?  For Marshall to lose 10 pounds in 8 months.  Gulp.

While I know he still adores me, I see in his hungry chocolate brown eyes that he is searching for answers to why.  Why are we doing more laps around the pond on our walks?  Why are you offering me canned green beans and calling it a "treat"?  Why is that food scoop coming out of the dog food bad half full?  Why are you throwing a toy and then expecting me to go get it?  (He's always been too cerebral for fetch.)

I have high hopes for our lifestyle change.  I also have high hopes that he will lose at least a pound and several inches in girth when he gets groomed next week.  (A mama can dream.)  I love this dog with all my heart, and I want him to be happy and healthy and around for a long, long time.

Starting weight?  Nunya' business.
Just call me Bob Harper.

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