Thursday, January 19, 2012

Helping the Butlers!

(A family name "Butler", not the household help that I so desperately wish I had.)

There is a dear family right here in the great state of Tennessee who are getting ready to head to Latvia to begin the process of adopting two beautiful sisters.  Even though Tabitha and I haven't met face to face, she probably knows more of my personal business and emotional highs and lows than most people I see daily.  There is something sacred and special about the tie that binds adoptive families, especially families whose circumstances - same country, older children - are so similar.  The Butlers are leaving in nine days for Latvia, and while I wish more than anything I could crawl in their suitcase and tag along (Have I mentioned how much I love that country?!?), I've decided to do something much more productive (and far less creepy) than hiding out in their luggage.

I'm sure most of you know just how expensive adoption is.  There is no such thing as an affordable adoption, but there are children who need families aplenty.  For a Latvian adoption, families must travel three times to finalize everything.  After the first trip, parents are most often granted temporary guardianship of the child/children and can bring them home to family life after the first trip.  But yeah, three trips.  On top of the "regular" cost of international adoption.  Inconvenient?  Maybe.  Difficult?  Can be.  Expensive?  Like you wouldn't believe.   

Let's face it - no one has a lot of disposable income these days, so although you may have a heart for children, adoption, families, or just plain general philanthropy, you may feel like you don't have enough money to give to make a difference.  But...this is just not true.  The Butler family is having a fundraiser to help with the cost of airfare (two round trip tickets, and two one way tickets which are apparently printed on gold embossed paper for the price of them) for their first trip in nine days.  All they are asking for is...$4.  Yup.  You saw that right.  $4.  Four dollars.  That's a latte.  You may not think four dollars can do much, but they have raised an incredible amount of money so far, and if everyone who reads this give just four dollars, we can help make something amazing and wonderful and life changing happen.  

It is easy.  Just click the link below, and you can read about the Butler family (They are real.  This is not a scam.), and see pictures of the beautiful girls they are flying to Latvia to bring home.  You can give online, and it will only cost you $4 and less than 2 minutes of your time.  And while, yes, it is about raising money, what you may not understand is that those four dollars are a priceless blessing and encouragement for this family who are stepping out in faith for two girls half a world away.

Here's the link:
Butler Adoption Fundraiser

Tell you what.  If five people donate to the Butler Adoption and mention my blog in the comment section, I will go back to Victoria's Secret to buy some underwear or something and blog about it again.

(How's that for taking one for the very worthy team?)

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