Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Conversation with Calvin

(Which takes place in the bathroom...where many deep and meaningful conversations with Calvin take place.)

Calvin:  You want to know what is really special about me, mom?

Me:  Sure.

Calvin:  I can totally look at a word, memorize it, look away, and then write it again without looking.

Me:  That's great, Cal.

Calvin:  (Matter of factly) That's my gift from God.

(I look slightly puzzled at this latest work of the Holy Spirit.)

Calvin: Oh, don't worry, mom.  I have lots of other gifts from God.

Me:  Yes.  Yes, you do.

Calvin:  Like I have a fighting spirit.

Me:  (gently redirecting) You definitely have a warrior's heart.

Calvin: (proud as a peacock)  Yep.  If I see a bully picking on a little kid, I just jump right in there and beat that bully to a pulp.  That's another gift from God.

Me:  (uncomfortable picturing his life behind bars in the name of Jesus)  Well...God has called us to be defenders of the weak....

Calvin:  (proudly) That's why He made me so tough.

If you need me, I'll be rifling through The Message version, looking for any signs of truth.

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