Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Can't Ear You!

Seriously. It's not a typo.

Mark went out of town earlier this week, and inevitably that means I (or one of the children) will come down with some sort of ailment.  In the past, we've dealt with scarlet fever, strep, stomach bugs, funky rashes and the like in his absences, but this time I got creative and developed...earaches.

I have always thought of earaches as more of a child's illness.  Poor Cal Henry lived his first year with what seemed like one continuous ear infection until he got tubes put in and we finally realized we weren't raising the spawn of Satan.  Having relief from the ear pain changed his personality dramatically.

Now I totally understand why.

Over the weekend I noticed my ears felt a little...full.  Nothing painful, just full.  Sunday night I rolled over once and thought, "Ouch."  The minute Mark pulled out of the driveway Monday afternoon I developed a full blown ear infection.  We were at the Take Care Clinic shortly thereafter.  The ear that REALLY hurts is actually the one that is less infected, but it has more fluid pushing out.  I started taking a Z pack of antibiotics, Advil, and I literally carried the prescription ear numbing drops with me wherever I went.  I thought for sure by today I would have some relief, but pretty much everything from the neck up is throbbing, and my hearing fluctuates between muted and overly sensitive.  (Karate class today was a real party for me...)  I went back to the Take Care Clinic whimpering about the pain this afternoon, and while the infection has begun clearing up, there is even more fluid in both ears...thus the continued pain.


I am on a Z Pack of antibiotics, even more Advil, and now an antihistamine to clear up the fluid, and someone may have to pry the ear numbing drops out of my cold, dead hands someday.

Oh, my aching ears!


Anonymous said...

I feel for you! I have had so much fluid in both of my ears before that I could hardly hear anything. I pray that the meds take care of it. I ended up with a tube in my ear just so I could hear...

Renovation Girl said...

Oh booo! I don't like this post at all! Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Not to be harsh or anything but I have had docs tell me to NOT give Max antihistamines to clear ear fluid. It will actually thicken the fluid, making it harder to drain. The longer it is in there, the easier it is to get infected.

Just saying...