Friday, July 1, 2011

The Best Medicine

They say laughter is the best medicine.  I totally agree (unless you have an upset stomach...then I swear by peppermint Extra gum).   As I apply this adage to our life these days, I must say we are generally a pretty healthy bunch.

Mark and I.  We got nearly hysterical yesterday as Mark tried to test my awesome martial arts skills by locking me in a bear hug and daring me to escape.  He was feeling pretty confident about his ability to contain me until I opened up a can of "defense against the bear hug"...especially when I got to the part about "strike low".  He now has a new respect for me, and a new fear of the phrase "strike low".

The Kids.  There is nothing I find more delightful than hearing the three kids laughing together.  You never know how children will mix (whether through adoption or birth), but we have been blessed with three children who enjoy each other and who have a great time together.  Sometimes as I work in the kitchen I can hear the giggles coming from upstairs, and although in the back of my mind I wonder just what they have cooked up now to entertain themselves, I can't help but feel extra blessed.

All Five of Us.  Honestly, sometimes I want to videotape dinner time in our house.  It is it's own comedy routine.  I can't pinpoint the launching point, but inevitably we end up laughing.  It's just a given.  For a few weeks, Mark tried to keep some sense of order, but now he just joins in.  While we still require good table manners, we cannot guarantee serious conversation.

Friends.  Took the kids swimming at our friend's house the other day.  Six children (not all mine!) in a pool with a trampoline nearby.  LOTS of laughter.  Last night two of my dearest mom friends and I went to dinner and a movie.  My stomach actually HURTS from laughing.  We are so thankful for these medicinal friendships in our lives!

Karate Friends.  Karate is a lot of work for me.  A LOT.  But I love the adults I train with.  I think my favorite comment this week came from one of the guys in the class.  When our instructor was thinking out loud about what kicking drill he wanted to do with us, my classmate replied, "The one where you sit down."

Of course, not everything is sunshine and roses.  We aren't always hopped up on laughing gas, and we have those "real" family moments like everyone else (and some not like everyone else).  Even as I laugh, my heart remains heavy for friends and family going through painful and unjust times.  I have had moments when the sorrow can feel overwhelming.  But then somehow, with someone, I laugh.

And it is great medicine.

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Norwood Mama said...

Well, this just makes me miss you.