Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Mindful

I wish I was better about blogging these days.  I know as we prepared for adoption, I would be so excited to read an update from a family newly home to hear and learn about the adjustments and joys of adoption.  I wish I was a better resource for other adoptive families, but at this point I am just concentrating on being a better mom.  Right now, that's the focus of my energy.

For those who want the post-adoption update, here it is.  We are doing well!  I would say we are through the initial getting-to-know you phase, and we are all feeling really comfortable with each other.  The upside is...we are all feeling really comfortable with each other.  The downside is...we are all feeling really comfortable with each other.  :)  The kids have each had their little disagreements, but they are quickly resolved and forgotten.  Right now the three of them are playing MarioKart, and the sounds of laughter and cheering for each other melts my heart.  I feel like they have all three transitioned to sibling-hood very well.

Last week Alina started horseback riding lessons!  She has showed an interest in horses, and after riding at my Uncle's farm over Memorial Day she really seemed interested in lessons.  We found a great place not far from home, and she is taking 5 introductory lessons.  I was so proud of her as she went through her first lesson!  It is a lot of language, and while her English is excellent, she doesn't have a huge technical "horse" vocabulary, but she didn't miss a beat.  She said she enjoyed her lesson, although she has some sore leg muscles to show for it.  Horse riding is hard work!

There are a few big things weighing on my mind, and added to the little everyday things - well, it feels like a mindful!  First, we are getting ready to book our flights for our second court date in Latvia.  I am so excited to go back - I can't tell you how in love with that country I am!  It is beautiful with such resiliency and character.  I am also excited because my mom is going with Alina and I!  I am so thrilled to have her along (she and I always find fun when we get together), I am excited for the memories for Alina, and I am so thankful that someone else will get to see Latvia.  We are knee deep in flight schedules, hotel bookings, and figuring out what we want to do with the limited time we are given.

I am also knee deep in all things home school.  We are home schooling Alina for at least this first semester (we cannot enroll her yet because of her Visa status).  I am really looking forward to it, but I am also overwhelmed by all the curriculum available and finding what will best meet her needs.  I have spent hours online researching different curricula, and I can tell you just about everything about just about every kind out there...except which one(s) we will be using.  I spent some time yesterday talking to some home school experts, and between that and helpful advice from friends who home school, I think we are getting close to deciding.

On top of all the logistical "to dos", my mind is occupied with thoughts of friends and family going through tough times.  My heart is heavy for some folks close to me who are going through difficult and often unfair circumstances, and although we usually stay busy, they are never far from my mind and heart.  I've definitely spent more time praying recently, so I guess that is the silver lining for me.  And hopefully eventually for them.

Although my mind is overflowing, my heart is also.  Alina has been such a blessing!  I cannot imagine our family without her - not for a minute.  She brings something so special to our home and lives, and I still can't find the words yet to express my thankfulness.  Each night Mark has a moment when he says, "We have the best kids."  Despite all that's on my mind, it doesn't take me but a second to agree.

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Tabitha said...

I love reading your updates about your family and how they are adjusting. We are hosting two girls from Latvia that will be here on Thursday. They are close to your Lina's age. Hopefully things will work out and eventually we will be able to bring them home permanently. If that happens I would love to get in touch with you. We live close by and I think it would be really neat for the girls to have a friend that is from the same place they are. I tried to contact you on facebook but don't know if you received it or not. Anyway, feel free to contact me at And thank you again for sharing you journey!