Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blog Disclaimer

I belong to a few different mom message boards, and as I was perusing one in particular I clicked on a woman's blog to see what her life was all about.  Wow.  I have to admit I was impressed.  First of all, her blog looked downright fantastic.  Gorgeous photographs she took herself on her property with her amazing camera.  Blog posts about raising chickens and shrinking carbon footprints.  Homeschooling.  Living off the fat of the land.  Deep, theological insights.

Instantly I disliked her.

OK, that isn't necessarily true.  I am sure she is lovely, and her life sounded borderline Mary Poppins meets Mary the Mother of Jesus, but I immediately thought, "Am I supposed to be like this?"  Because, let me tell you dear readers...I ain't.  Chickens smell really bad, and most of the pictures I take don't make it onto the blog because inevitably one of my boys in in his underpants.

I hope that people who read my blog (both of you) can "see" that I do have a good life.  I love the Lord and my family is a joy and delight to me.  Being a wife, mother, and homemaker is extremely fulfilling to me most of the time.  But I want to be really upfront with you too - neither I nor my life are perfect.  Heck, just last week I stood and talked to a karate instructor and later realized I had lipstick on my teeth the whole time.  Don't even get me started about the class I took wearing an all white uniform and not even remotely white underpants.  (Perhaps I need to spend some time reflecting on this family and underpants...there seems to be a disturbing relationship between the two.)

One of the greatest things that has come with age is the total and complete acceptance that I am not perfect.  Perfection isn't even a goal anymore.  I can laugh at many of my imperfections, and I pray often about the other ones.

See?  Less real just might be good...
I just want to be sure that I appear real here.  As I reread some of my entries, I think I could even err on the side of being less real.  I tend not to filter myself a ton here because, after all, it is my blog with my name on it (not to be confused, once again, with the Christian author who I continue NOT to be).   I am not doubting the authenticity of the woman whose blog looked so beautiful.  But I just want to be honest and say, it isn't that I don't strive to be inspiring and beautiful and profound on here.  It's just that I've only gotten so far...for now.


The Friend Family said...

I love your "realness" (is that even a word?)!! It`s what makes your blog enjoyable to read because we all have good, bad & ugly days! Our family doesn`t have underwear issues but we have many others & your candid approach to scrapbooking your life with words is awesome! It`s approachable, humbling & fun to be a part of. I wouldn`t want it any other way! Because I know you write everything just so I can read it, right? hehe! YOU GO GIRL!

Anonymous said...

Your blog shows the real side of family life and I love it!!!

Renovation Girl said...

Ann, were you creeping on my blog??? I am Mary Poppins in disguise you know! Heehee...totally kidding of course. I tend not to stay with blogs like that because they make me feel so incompetent-and I don't need any help feeling that way!!! I love your writing and I see the authenticity in it. Keep doing what you're doing!!