Friday, October 29, 2010

A List

Through the process of getting ready to travel to Latvia in 8 days, I've become quite good at making lists.  It would, of course, be more helpful if I was that skilled at crossing things off of said lists, but hopefully by plugging along over the course of this next week, I will get there too.  In the spirit of honing my newly acquired listing skills (and in an attempt to blog about several things at once), here is an "update list".  Read away!

1.  Vacation.  Just got back from five days at Ocracoke, NC with my dear friend Ang.  She and I take a vacation a year, and it is better than a year's worth of therapy.  She and I are, as Anne Shirley said so eloquently said, kindred spirits.  When my family moved south five + years ago, I didn't ever worry that Ang and I would lose touch.  We just are the kind of friends that are going to be in each other's life and business forever.  I am so thankful for that!  She is very wise, fashionable, and hilarious.  That is one thing I love about most all of my friends - we know how to laugh!  And laugh we did on this vacation.  I'll try to remember to post a few pictures.

2.  Overwhelmed!  This last minute hyperventilating reminds me of the days leading up to my wedding.  I was the most laid back bride, but no matter how casual you are, the final days are a flurry of last minute details.  That is where we are, and we still have a week to go before we board that plane!  There is paperwork to complete, last minute shopping to do, arrangements made for the boys, the dog, etc.  The funny thing is that while the details can feel stressful at this point, the actual adoption doesn't cause Mark and I an ounce of stress.  I cannot even begin to express how blessed and overwhelmed I feel when I realize that we get to be the parents of this amazing, beautiful, smart, funny, lovely young lady.  It literally takes my breath away sometimes when I realize that the girl we love so dearly will one day be officially and always ours.  The details may make me a little crazy, but the reality of what is happening brings tears to my eyes even as I type this.  How did we ever get so blessed?

3.  Climates.  I am trying to master how to dress people for three different climates - the temperatures here at home ranging from the low 40s in the mornings to days in the 70s, the boys in northwestern PA for a few days, and then two weeks of Latvian weather!  The only answer I can come up with is layers.  We shall layer and hope for the best.  Now if I can just remember to send the warm clothes with the folks going to the colder places and put the boys in shorts on the days it will be warm at home...

4.  Great book series.  Upon the recommendation of my dear cousin, Goozle (Yes, she has a real name, but we never call her anything but Goozle.), I began reading a fun Christian fiction series called The Yada Yada Prayer Group by Neta Jackson.  Really fun, great books that chronicle a very diverse group of women thrown together in a prayer group at a women's conference.  I have gotten so into the characters, but only have the first three books.  I'm a little afraid to get the rest of the series because I get so lost in books I may never finish up the lists I've got going!

5.  Traveling tips.  OK, traveling readers.  What little tricks do I need to know for international travel?  How would you pass the time on a 17 hour plane trip?  (I know, I know.  I want to take the rest of the Yada Yada series, but think of heavy that will be!  And I don't have a Kindle...bummer...)  Good snack ideas?  How to handle jet lag?  I'm up for any advice/suggestions/don't-do-what-I-did stories you can offer!  Don't be shy - post some ideas as a comment for me.  I am new to this and can use some experienced pointers!

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