Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hair I Go.

I've posted before about my quest to embrace my inner curl, so I thought I'd do an update on how that's going.

It's going fine...if you consider an embrace similar to a choke hold.

I admit - it's been a struggle.  I went through a very brief (VERY brief!) phase when I toyed with dreads, but then I realized that I am a person who likes to have the ability to clean up a bit.  Nothing against friends with dreads, but in the event I ever fall into a classy pants suit, I want my hair to go along for the ride.  As an exercise to "love myself as I am" and all that blah, blah, blah I have spent the last several months trying to figure out how to accept - dare I dream, love? - my curls.  It's a process, let me tell you.

On the one hand, I feel like my curls are me - not just because they are natural, but because I feel like they match my inside.  (And there are days when I find that slightly offensive to myself as they fling about with wild abandon.)  I really want to love my curly hair.  I really want to be able to enjoy the green grass on the fence side of which I live.  I want to want what I have.  I want to be confident in what is authentic.  I want to be fashionable.

But there are some days when I want to renew my vows with the flat iron.

Taking care of curly hair is a new way of life for me.  There is a lot more moisturizing, a lot less sulfates, 100% cotton towels, all new products, and a complicated dance with a diffuser.  I am still trying to figure out what works and what doesn't.  I dream of the day when I have a simple routine that leads to classy curls and less frizz.  It's the Holy Grail of hair care for me, and I am definitely not there yet.

I am also doing the great length debate.  As much as I would love long luxurious hair, I usually end up looking tired and old once my hair hits my shoulders, but I am wondering if having curls would make any difference.  I don't see how short and curly can marry into something I want on my head, and I find mid length hair indecisive.  I usually grow it out, only to get frustrated and pull it up like a poligamy bride until I freak out and chop it all off into a sleek, cool, spunky short 'do I can live with again.  Then I begin to resent the constant straightening I have to do multiple times a day.   We end up back at square (or curl) one.

Of course, there are lots of far more important things in my life and in the world unto which I throw my energy and passion.  But every once in awhile as I walk by a mirror on my way to save the whales or lead marches for world peace, I find myself wishing for less sticking out and more style.  I don't let it consume me by any means, but it is an interesting phenomenon for me to wrestle with.  Will I ever tame the beast?  How long can I go - in length and in sanity?  Will the day ever come when I can comfortably give the flat iron to Goodwill?

The process, the quest, the mystery continue.

The short, straight spunky 'do I loved!

I love this style...if only I could French braid my own hair,
I would feel fashionable!

The beginning of the "poligamy pull back" style.
Just a regular day with the curls.  


Michelle said...

After years of loathing my naturally curly hair, I have found a way to "do" it where it isn't frizzy. My routine is this:
~no shampoo, use only conditioner in the shower.
~no brushing, just run a wide tooth comb through it when the conditioner is in, otherwise no pulling the curls apart.
~gently scrunching with a towel after getting out of the shower to dry. Using a tiny bit of Roots of Nature Shea Butter Green Tea leave in conditioner.
~leave it alone as it dries, don't muss with it at all. Any fiddling with it will separate the curls and cause it to look fluffy and frizzy.

That's what works for me and I finally love my hair!

Renovation Girl said...

Wow, and here all this time I just thought people with naturally curly hair just washed and went. Huh! Well, I think you're adorable with ALL of these looks! You must tell me how you do that "come hither" look for the camera, though. :) Love you!