Friday, October 8, 2010

Catching Up

I was on such a good roll, wasn't I?  Blogging, blogging, blogging...lulling you into a false sense of security that I had returned to cyber-faithfulness and then BAM!  Gone!  Sorry about that, but I have had a very good reason!

We have been frantically planning our trip to Latvia!!!

(Woot!  Woot!)

It has all happened very fast, but we have our travel/court dates for Inessa's adoption!  We have been bouncing back and forth between Cloud 9 and the antacid aisle as we make our preparations to travel.  I can't believe it will soon be here!  We will leave the States a few days early to try and recover from jet lag (any tips on that, traveling friends???) and our first court date is Nov. 9.  We will get Inessa that day and spend the next week with her until our second court date on Nov. 16.  After two days of embassy appointments, we will fly home on the 20th.  Can you believe it?  We will have all three of our children together at the Thanksgiving table!  Talk about having a thankful heart!

It has been slightly crazy finding flights, going through the paperwork, reading the pages and pages of everything we need to know and remember,  looking online at apartments in Riga, making arrangements for the boys here, and continuing to handle all the regular, daily things life throws at us.  At times I am a bit of a donkey on the edge, but I still find myself waking up at night with this tickle of excitement in my stomach, and it takes me a minute to remember that we are finally going to be with Inessa again!  It almost takes my breath away, I am so happy.  I know we will have our fair share of difficult transitions, but for right now, I am just so glad to be at this point in the process.  We have missed that girl!

I am going to be blogging about our trip while we are in Latvia, so keep checking back.  If it is quiet in between now and Nov. 9th, you'll know why!  Hopefully I will find more minutes to sit and post about all the other thoughts running through my mind, but right now I need to tackle a huge "To Do" list as we get ready to go get Inessa.


Melody said...

Have you guys raised all your money? Let me know. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I am thrilled for your family!! Sleep on the flight as much as you can - it helps with the jet lag when you get to your destination. Good Luck!

Renovation Girl said...

Did I seriously not comment on this?! How did I forget to do that?! Many congrats!! I'm so excited for you!!

septic (yes, an Ann-given nickname) said...

Congrats to you and the whole family!! I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. Keep us posted!