Saturday, October 23, 2010

Adoption Update

It has been quite a whirlwind recently when it comes to all things adoption.  We have our flights booked, our accomodations in Latvia arranged, our childcare for the boys lined up and ready to go, and we are now just sorting through the rest of the "smaller" details - none of which, by the way, feel very small!

We have a lot of mixed emotions at this point.  First, of course, is absolute, pure, nearly uncontrollable JOY.  Of course we know that there will be many adjustments to make along this road, but the very bottom line is that we are reminded with every butterfly in the stomach how deeply we love this girl.  Jude and Calvin keep asking me to tell them again that she will never have to leave us - that she will always be their sister and nothing will be able to change that.  They adore her.  Adoration really is the best description of how they feel about her.  Of course, they will all three have "those" days with each other, but I can testify that the boys' love for their sister runs deep.  They miss her with such an intensity, it sometimes surprises me.  They want her here to hug and to love and to laugh with. I don't blame them.  Mark and I feel the same way.  We are tired of this hole in our home and hearts.  We want our girl!

We leave in two and a half weeks, and there is still much to do to be ready!  I am not a world traveler - unless you count visiting Niagara Falls.  (In my defense, it was the Canadian side...)  My normal reaction to being out of my comfort zone so far is usually best described as "raw fear", and while there is an element of trepidation, I am mostly really looking forward to seeing Latvia.  I am almost hungry to be there and see everything!  I am so excited to see Latvia for Latvia (we've spent a lot of time reading and learning about the country - it looks beautiful!), but mostly to see more of Inessa's home country.  We will forever be changed into a Latvian/American family, and I take that seriously.  We want to hold onto as much of Latvia as she desires and as we can.

So this is where we are - many preparations!  I am sure there will be more interesting posts in the near future, but for now - here's the update.

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