Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ten Things I'm Thinking

I have no deep thoughts at this point in the day, so I am just going to share ten random things on my mind.

The Christmas that changed everything!
1.  We have the world's largest tomato plant...with no tomatoes currently growing on it.  I do not get that.

2.   I wonder when the new photo listing for children available for Christmas hosting will be online.  I know, I know.  I say this all the time, but please pray about hosting one of these special kids or at least look through the photo listing and find a child to pray for each day until they arrive!  People always comment on how much Inessa/Elsie Kate's life has changed in the last year.  You wouldn't believe the changes that precious girl has made in all the lives here!

3.  I am looking forward to karate class tonight!  I usually look forward to karate class with a sprinkle of healthy fear that I will injure myself or others.  On Tuesday I finally started learning how to attack with a stick.  When I use the phrase "can't beat that with a big stick", I actually know what I mean now.  Karate is the best therapy!

4.  I watched the movie "Jane Eyre" last weekend, and I think I would definitely want to be friends with Jane.  If you haven't seen that movie, rent it.  It was lovely and romantic and amazing.

5. I am so excited to get out my fall decorations!  I never thought I would be a "seasonal decorating" kind of gal, but I had a thrilling tingle when Mark dug my fall bin out of the attic this morning before work.  Fall means soup, sweatshirts, and football.
The Moo-Man

6.  I am worried that my dog is getting old.  He has been fussing when it comes time to jump down out of the bed, which he has never done before.

7.  I am starting a Bible study on the book of Nehemiah!   I have been doing "Precept upon Precept" studies for a few years now, and it has totally changed the way I view God and the Bible.  It is all about seeing what the Bible actually says.  I have ben amazed at the number of teachings in cultural Christianity that are accepted across the board, but aren't actually biblical when you really read and study what the text says.  There are a lot of misconceptions about the Bible, and I love that every time (and I do mean every time!) I have participated in a Precept study I have learned more about the character of God.  Truly life changing!

8. I need to mow the back yard.  Anyone got a brush hog I can borrow?  I don't mind, but I swear if there is a snake hiding in that tall grass there is going to be a freak out.

9.  I love my husband.  We've been really busy and distracted and out of sync lately, so last night we sat down and talked.  My husband makes me laugh, and he is my very favorite person (which is saying something because I surround myself with awesome people!).  I love being on a team with him.

10.  My cousin and her girls are coming to visit this weekend!  For some people, that may not sound very fun, but you have to understand I adore my cousins.  (Well, most of them.  David did run me into that tree splitting my head open when we were young.  I'm still on the fence about him.)  Living so far away from extended family is really hard, so whenever I get to see one of my people, it is such a blessing to me!  We're going to hang out, do some sightseeing, and just get to be together.   I can't wait.

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