Thursday, September 23, 2010

On Consoles and Clearances

Just a quick post in between popsicle runs.

The console surgery went very well.  The doctor said Cal's consoles were huge, so in a lot of ways that was a relief.  We didn't want to put him through this if the last several months were some sort of freaky anatomical incident.  He was so brave - no tears!  (Wish I could say the same...)  The recovery...well, the recovery is just not fun.  No one is enjoying this, especially Cal.  He is still being a champ, but he feels lousy, the pain medicine taste terrible and hurts his stomach and the anti-nausea medicine isn't much better. He is running a low grade fever, which can be normal, but we are praying that goes away while we wait for a call back from the doctor's office with reassurance.

Meanwhile, Mark and I are waiting (and not patiently) for our one last clearance for our adoption paperwork!  Everything else is in Latvia and translated except this one...stinkin'...paper!  It's a mad dash to the mailbox each day, and a slow walk of frustration back to the house.  It makes me almost want to earn the police record they are clearing me of just to get this paper here now

Other than the consoles and the clearance-at-large, we are hanging in there - missing our girl, buying two metric tons of popsicles, and waiting for the heat wave in middle TN to break.

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