Monday, May 3, 2010

Embracing My Inner Curl

I have a secret I work very, very hard to keep under wraps. I have spent years, countless dollars, and invested in more electronic devices to hide this aspect of me.

But I think it's time to reveal my secret and see if I can make some peace with it.

I have curly hair.

I have always have wavy hair, but pregnancy hormone changes and some serious diet and hormone tweaking that I've done the last year with Dr. Holistic have made the curl just this side of outrageous. I invest a decent amount of time each day straightening it with the blow dryer and a straightening iron, but that process has become exhausting. While Mark and I were enjoying the scenic views of Niagara Falls, Canada a few weeks ago, my hair was taking on a life of its own from the falls' mist. It became my own international incident.

It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't recently get the most adorable short, STRAIGHT haircut. I love it. It is spunky and fun and made me feel like a million bucks. Unfortunately as the haircut has grown out, the curl has grown bolder. I have had to straighten my hair twice a day to keep it looking sleek and smooth, and even then the front would mischievously twirl out of spite. It has been maddening.

Lately I have decided to at least consider the option of embracing my curly hair. I am not sure I can fully do that, but I have been researching how to style curly hair and I am going to give it a chance. I have to say, so far the upside is that it takes WAY less time and energy to do my hair in the mornings. The downside is...well, I look like I have really curly hair. I need to grow my hair out more to really get to a point where I think I could possibly like it, and I'm going to talk to my stylist this week about how to tackle the mess on my head.

There are so many much more important things going on in my life and all around me to stress too much about my hair. And because I am aware of all of the real issues in life, I can let my hair go a little and spend all that extra time focusing on long as they can overlook my scary, curly hair.


Aly-Rae said...

I LOVE it! I've always been jealous of women with naturally curly hair.
I say embrace it. It's darling.

Norwood Mama said...

Silly girl! It was so beautiful on Sunday morning! It looks great, even with your sassy, straight haircut! I'm jealous of real curls. I only have annoying wave!