Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Silence is Deafening

It's been almost two weeks since we hugged and kissed Inessa good-bye at the airport and watched her walk through security on her way back to Latvia. While life on the surface appears to be back to normal in our house, there is a silence that is deafening.

We sent a package to Inessa that should be delivered some time this week or early next week. One of my biggest fears is that she is back home in Latvia wondering why she hasn't heard anything from this family that she became a part of for a month. I worry that she thinks we may have forgotten about her, or that our life has gone back to normal without her. I'll be honest - I am literally aching to hear from her. I want to know how she is and how she's feeling. But I am more than willing to sacrifice hear from her, if her hearing from us could give her reassurance that she is loved no matter where she is physically. I want her to still be able to hear the messages that we shared with her while she lived here - that she is valued, amazing, beautiful, and cherished.

I don't know for sure what the future holds for Inessa and for our family. I know what my heart's desire is, but in the silence there is little reassurance right now. We are hoping to hear something about how Inessa is doing sometime this week. I'm waiting.

But the silence is deafening. And the ache is real.

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Norwood Mama said...

We are waiting with you...feeling your ache. And, Ava wanted me to type her name. (nothing to do with anything but her desire to see her name on the computer...)